Apply for Paris Photo New York 2020


The world’s leading galleries, photobook publishers and art book dealers will gather at the inaugural Paris Photo New York art fair in Spring 2020. 

Art Galleries, PhotoBook Publishers and Art Book Dealer can apply for Paris Photo New York until November 30, 2019.


The applications are open, if you you want to apply,
please contact:

Selection Committee

Paris Photo exhibitors are selected by an international committee of renowned gallerists and each submitted photography project is assessed according to its quality and originality. Particular attention is given to the diversity of expression of the application and the relevance of the proposed installation.

Paris Photo New York at Pier 94


Paris Photo New York art fair will host its photography show and events at Pier 94. Located on Manhattan's west side on the Hudson River, Pier 94 (55th Street and the West Side Highway) is an exhibition space located in a former terminal for ocean vessels bound for Europe and beyond, further highlighting the transatlantic links between Paris and New York.


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