Hans-Christian Schink, Bei Krugsdorf (2), 2018, C-print, 24 x 29 cm, Hans-Christian Schink.


Founded in 2016

Breitscheidstraße 48
70176 Stuttgart Germany

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Albert Renger-Patzsch, Barbara Probst, Christiane Feser, Cindy Sherman, Francesco Neri, Gyula Halasz Brassai, Hans-Christian Schink, Ingar Krauss, Karl Blossfeldt, Loredana Nemes, Michael Schmidt, Paul  Duke, Peter Bialobrzeski, Robert Adams, Robert Capa, Robert Frank, Sara Facio, Tom Hunter, Ute Mahler, Werner Mahler


Hartmann Books is based in Stuttgart, Germany. We publish photobooks and editions under our imprint Hartmann Books and curate and organize traveling exhibitions at Hartmann Projects. We are a small but internationally oriented entity and want to stay focused-which is why we publish only a few new titles every year. The end of consumerism is near! Our program of books, limited editions, and exhibitions is based on our personal interests in photography, aesthetics, culture, history, and politics. For us, each publication is a new individual adventure in the art of bookmaking.-5uhr30.com is an internet store in cologne, germany. It offers rare, sold-out, modern and especially antiquarian photobooks. 5uhr30.com is specialized on german photobooks.