Founded in 2015

Tolstraat 67
2000, Antwerp

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AIPAD member




Casper Faassen, Ken Domon, Miho Kajioka, Mika Horie, Norio Takasugi

Tradition and technique: at Paris Photo New York we would like to present a number of contemporary artists using old (photographic) techniques to create their works, which often have a traditional and nostalgic air to them. Miho Kajioka creates delicate, handmade, toned gelatin silver prints that insist on being regarded as not only images, but also as objects; Mika Horie makes cyanotypes on her own selfmade paper from the gampi tree; Norio Takasugi has merged screen printing and photography based on a rare Japanese technique that involves silver leaf and sulphur dating back to the 18th century. Casper Faassen’s pieces are constructed from different layers of photographic and painterly techniques to create the craquelure on his work. Alongside these contemporary artists we aim to present vintage prints by Japanese master photographer Ken Domon of his epic and encyclopaedic series Kojijunrei, as well as vintage special technique prints from the first half of the 20th century.