Axel Antas: Lost to Sight:Least Vermilion Flycatcher, 2019, C-print, 98x74 cm

Founded in 2002

Uudenmaankatu 16-20
00120 Helsinki Finland

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Axel Antas

Galleria Heino presents a solo show by Finnish artist Axel Antas (b. 1976). The show is built up from works that look at a person's most close relationships and connections through touch while talking about global questions such as wildlife extinction and our relationship to nature. Both digital and analog capturing, rendering, printing, and casting techniques have been used to create the work. Antas is interested in the cross over and merging of traditional techniques with current ones. The photographs in themselves are also a hybrid of techniques where Antas travelled to Japan to create the pictures in one of the last remaining workshops still using the old technique; Collotype. The material quality of the final image is as important as the image itself. The complexity of the processes used is contrasted by the resulting images in their minimalistic and poetic form containing a range of history in terms of making, materials and aesthetics.