Robby Müller, During Down by Law, New Orleans, 1985

Founded in 2000

Laurierstraat 187-189
NH 1016PL, Amsterdam

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Robby Müller

Annet Gelink Gallery is pleased to present a selection of work by acclaimed cinematographer Robby Müller. Having collaborated with Wim Wenders, Lars von Trier, Jim Jarmusch and Steve McQueen amongst others, his work -on films such as Paris, Texas and Down by Law- has been praised for complementing and shaping narratives through light, color and camera angles. A lesser-known facet of Müller's artistic output is his vast archive of Polaroids. Taken from an experimental standpoint, the Polaroids see Müller exploring the many faceted relationship between light, camera and photographer. Composed as studies in light and composition, they play with the typical square Polaroid format and find movement in light through the interplay of reflection and shadow. Mülller establishes painterly tableaus through the instant medium of Polaroid. These stilled moments and compositions display the working mind and eye of Müller.