Yoshihiko Ito, 2468808 KA1, 1990, Gelatin silver print, 453x210mm, ©Yoshihiko Ito/Courtesy of PGI

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Kiyoji Otsuji, Masao Mochizuki, Osamu James Nakagawa, Shinzo Shimao, Takashi Arai, Tokuko Ushioda, Yasuhiro Ishimoto, Yoshihiko Ito, Yurie Nagashima

New Perspectives on Photography in Japan

VIVO, the earliest group of photographers to manifest a uniquely postwar vision in Japanese photography in the 1950s, blazed a trail to further radicalization of expression, leading the way for the later group Provoke of the 60s. However, it is important to acknowledge other currents of photography, including a strong independent tendency beginning in the 70s to favor open spaces and self-publish magazines to support and promote one another. This allowed a less sensational, more subtle range of thematic choices. Home, family, and the personal concerns of everyday life became fresh subjects for contemplation through photography, opening the discussion to a personal take on society. In the same spirit, artists today grapple with diverse societal issues through their highly personalized, empathetic visions. PGI would like to focus on this current of photography for the inaugural PARIS PHOTO New York.