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Cortis and Sonderegger, Niko Luoma, Stephen Wilkes

Niko Luoma bases his work on Cubist ideas of visual space, where celebrated works from the history of art are broken down into geometries and reassembled using multiple exposures to a negative. These exposures, abstract yet calculated, emulate the use of simultaneous viewpoints found in Cubism. For five years Stephen Wilkes explored the hospital complex that comprised the south side of Ellis Island. Wilkes's powerful images of the underbelly of the island ask us to reflect on the defining experience of millions. Sourcing imagery from illustrious photographers, as well as images from pop culture and historical events; Cortis and Sonderegger create an instantly recognizable simulacrum of a narrative. The Swiss duo has amassed an argument for the validity of material illusion in photography, a take that both references and undermines world history while gleefully derailing the popular icons we think we know, from the very genesis of photography to the brink of the digital era