Wesley Channell, Klimt Inspired I, 2019, Dye Sublimation on aluminum, 60 x 40, Wesley Channell.


Founded in 1998

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Alexis Logwood, Wesley Channell


Wesley Channell - Human Canvas

1998 21st Editions began marrying Camera Work to William Morris, the Art of the Book. Each project can take up to 4 years & 15 artisans to complete. Our full collection has been purchased by the National Gallery of Art and the University of MN. We are premiering our latest creation around Wesley Channell’s work. He uses inspiration from masters like Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, Picasso, and Dali. His canvas is the human body. In collaboration with his body painter they spend upwards of 10 hours painting the woman and then another 2-3 hours in the studio with the camera. There is a wooden cabinet totally covered with leather. The cabinet holds 10 leather bound folders housing original dye-sublimation on aluminum prints. There are 48 additional prints housed in black leather boxes which can be interchanged in the folders. Any of these 58 prints can be ordered in an edition of 10 in sizes of 4’, 5’ and 6’. Finally, the book of his work bound in bright leather with embroidery and inlays