Zhenya  Mironov, Building Metaphors, 2016, c-print, 40x55cm, Glaz Gallery.

Founded in 2003

8A West Smithfield
 EC1A 9JR London United Kingdom






Zhenya Mironov

Since we haven't participated in international fairs for 5 years and there are no other galleries showing contemporary Russian photographers, we'd like to focus on our young artists Zhenya Mironov, Ivan Mikhailov, Fyodor Savintsev and Tim Parchikov. As all artists in contemporary Russia, those photographers are using different visual languages to contemplate on Russian identity that is still forming under the pressure of political, economical and ideological crisis. From Mironov's "Building metaphors", a universe built on allusions and symbols (this project was among very few photography series nominated for Kandinsky prize)to hyper-realistic, detailed landscapes of Fyodor Savintsev, questioning a place of a human being in contemporary Russia, to socially poignant work of Tim Parchikov - we are hoping that our selection will help international public to see what contemporary young Russian photography is.