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Ege Kanar 



Machines interfere with malleable world directly, apparatuses manufacture intermediary symbols out of it. According to Flusser, cameras can be classified as apparatuses and despite claims that the world becomes intelligible through images they produce, these establish a new perceptual standard which irreversibly transforms the way we grasp reality. Within framework of artist’s works the term apparatus indicated not only a robotic eye that collects info on alien grounds, but also power structures, expansionist desires and colonial practices stretching through centuries via institutional, political, and technological continuities. Booth asserts that photographic images can’t be interpreted without a consideration of motives and circumstances that surround and inform them. Tackling the image archive of Opportunity (Mer-B), a vehicle that was probing Mars for 15 years, “Apparatus” handled photographs as charged objects operational in transferring knowledge of the distant to a given center.