Founded in 2007

227 East Palace Avenue
Suite W
87501 Santa Fe United States

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Aaron Rothman, Alex Webb, Alison Rossiter, Arnold Newman, Barbara Bosworth, Betsy Karel, Betsy Schneider, Bill Jacobson, Brad Temkin, Byron Wolfe, Christina Seely, Colleen Plumb, David Benjamin Sherry, David Maisel, David Scheinbaum, David Taylor, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Debi Cornwall, Frances Denny, Gay Block, Janelle Lynch, Janet Russek, Jason Langer, John Gossage, Julie Blackmon, Jungjin Lee, Justin Kimball, Kohei Yoshiyuki, Kyle Meyer, Laura Letinsky, Linda Foard Roberts, Lisa McCarty, Marion Belanger, Mark Klett, Maroesjka Lavigne, Meghann Riepenhoff, Michael Light, Michael Lundgren, Phyllis Galembo, Rebecca Norris Webb, Renate Aller, Sandra Cattaneo Adorno, Sharon Core, Sharon Harper, Steven B. Smith, Tanya Marcuse, Tomas van Houtryve, Victoria Sambunaris


Radius Books is a non-profit organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, whose mission is to make a lasting contribution to society through publishing and educational programs. Engagement with artists and photographers in unexpected ways is the core of what we do. Since launching the company in the fall of 2007, we've published over 145 titles and hosted events with artists, writers, and students all over the world. In addition, over the past 13 years, our Donation Program has gifted over 75,000 thoughtfully-crafted books to libraries, schools, and arts programs in all 50 states. This program ensures that Radius Books will continue to impact arts education in unique ways with each title we publish.