Takashi Homma, from tokyo suburbia, 1998, Lambda print, 60.0 x 75.0 cm (image) 69.0 x 84.0 cm (framed) 

Founded in 1998

Piramide Bldg.4F, 6-6-9 Roppongi
1060032, Minatoku

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Maiko Haruki, Taiji Matsue, Takashi Homma

Subjectivity Objectivity

Taro Nasu is pleased to present a group show by Japanese photographers to show the current scene of Japanese contemporary photography from various points of views by the artists of different generations. Taiji Matsue applies the all-over sharp focus to his body of works, to realize the new perception to our eyes, as striking sharp images of the world. Takashi Homma has succeeded to extract the Dystopian anxiety which is lurking in calm and peaceful everyday life of “ordinary people”, to present the reality of our society in his series “Tokyo Suburbia”. Maiko Haruki has often mobilizes optical characteristics in black and white photos shots in states of under or overexposure, engineering her pursuit of both visible and invisible realms to seek unconscious everyday act of “looking” or “seeing itself”. Cozue Takagi creates the textiles of the images that is completely different from the existing "photo-collage". Her works poses us, what the photography of next generations could be.