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Ronghui Chen 


Freezing Lands by Chen Ronghui

The northeast region was the wealthiest area in China. With the help of the Soviet Union, it developed heavy industries and stayed prosperous for years. This land represented China's communist roots and authoritarianism. Yet, it has become the most recessionary land in China, with shrinking cities and a declining population. Chen delves into the underlying issues in China's young individuals through this series with methods not only documentary but also demonstrates the power of social media and the communication modes of the younger generation. Hard to encounter subjects on the streets at -30 ℃, through the app "Kuaishou" he creates a peculiar bond with the subjects he films and reveals a side of the lost" Chinese Dream".Shot with an 8x10 large format camera it gives a plasticity quality which aligns with his quest on exposing the uncertainty of young people and the individuals, that are facing under today's collectivism in China.*Chen is currently in the Yale MFA Photography(2021)