Founded in 2017

313 Red Acre Rd
01775 Stow United States

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Alex Knudsen, Alyssa Minahan, Barbara Bosworth, Billie Mandle, Danielle Dean, Elaine Bezold, Elizabeth Billings, Emily Sheffer, Joni Sternbach, Joseph Ritchie, Kyra Kennedy, Kyra Schmidt, Margot Kelley, Wesley Stringer


Dust Collective is a publishing project that focuses on the handmade photography book. The photographic work within our books highlights themes of time, weather, nature, space, and the history of photography. The construction of the books focus on new approaches to traditional methods of bookmaking, and uses the book form as a tool to more deeply convey the meaning of the content within. The books are sold in small, limited editions and are skillfully crafted by hand.