Founded in 1993

102 Mijndenhof
1106 Amsterdam Netherlands

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Berenice Abot, Bertien Van Manen, Claude Cahun, German Krull, Katrien De Blauwer, Laure Albin-Guillot, Nan Goldin, Nina Korhonen, Sophie Ristelhueber, Susan Meiselas, Véronique  Bourgoin


Photobooks by Women

As an expert of artistbooks and in particular photobooks since more than 25 years, Dirk K. Bakker Boeken, registered in Amsterdam has been present at many important fairs all over Europe. D. Bakker was one of the first to recognize and defend certain books containing photographic images, in what we then towards the end of the last century - started to classify as 'photobooks'. D. Bakker has been the initiator of the photobook-market during the photo festival in Arles, every year in July.and over ten years the organizer. Together with Jan van der Donk he started years ago a project 'The artists'book + the photographic image ' trying to map books by artists, roughly published between 1960 and 1980, in which the artist (s ) has/ have used photography in one way or another. A work still in progress. As an expert D. Bakker prepared four auctions with artist- and photobooks for the auction house Bergé. D. Bakker also participated at several 'Paris Photo' fair in the Grand Palais