Founded in 2008

12 Rue de l'éperon
75006 Paris France

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Alexia Monduit, Castore Lorenzo, Christian Bragg, Elena Valtcheva, Franck Landron, Giancarlo Shibuyama, Hajime Kimura, Inès Di Folco, Roman Pyatkovka, Tomasz Laczny, Zaida Kersten


A Selection of Self Published Photobooks From 70's Until Today

We are a Paris-based photobook dealer dedicated to rare vintage photobooks and experimental modern artists' books. For the vintage section, we specialize in Japanese photography; for the contemporary section, we focus on small independent publications that challenge the conventional photobook format. With over 10 years of experience in photobook dealership, we carefully curated our selection to cater our customers with an evolving taste and preference. Not only are we an experienced art book dealer, but we are also actively involved in the production and publication of modern photobooks. We work directly with self-published artists and independent publishers to support new creation and publication. In addition, we host photography exhibitions featuring the launch of new photobooks. We believe that there is a connection between our Japanese vintage photobooks selection and our modern artists' books as every singular photobook is a piece of artwork itself.