Tim Mitchel
Tim Mitchell: (068 / Clothing Recycled) Bales of second-hand clothing, Old Delhi, India 2004 from Product 



Founded in 1985

Windelsbleicher Str. 166-170
33659 Bielefeld Germany

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Kerber Publishing is an independent and international art book publisher located in Bielefeld and Berlin. Since 1985 we've been publishing ambitious, top-quality, individualized books on contemporary and modern art, as well as photography and cultural history. Every year we are proud to publish more than one hundred prize-winning monographs, exhibition catalogues, and artist books from the genres of ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, and CULTURE-along with our exclusive COLLECTOR'S EDITION. Our books are made in Berlin and Bielefeld in close cooperation with artists, designers, museums, foundations, and galleries. Each book is conscientiously produced with the greatest of care and our staff's many years of technical know-how, at our own IMP-certified printing shop in Bielefeld.