Lets Go Back To Mining; Restricted with Dorothy Napurrurla Dickson 2014-2018 Patrick Waterhouse_courtesy of The Ravestijn Gallery


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Patrick Waterhouse


The Ravestijn Gallery will premiere exclusively the series 'Restricted Images' by Patrick Waterhouse. A series he has been working on from 2014-2018. The publication in 1899 of The Native Tribes of Central Australia caused a sensation in Europe. The book’s authors, telegraph-station master Francis J. Gillen and ethnologist W. Baldwin Spencer, had written in depth about the customs and traditions of the Aboriginal groups living near Alice Springs and also illustrated their texts with 119 photographs, many of which captured rituals and ceremonies, oblivious to the impact they would have on the lives of the Aboriginals. Today, photography within Aboriginal communities is limited and historical images are often “restricted”. Over the past four years, Patrick Waterhouse has taken photographs in different communities. After making prints, he returned to Central Australia to work with local artists so they could 'restrict' and amend his photographs through the process of painting.