Philippe Chancel Datazone Epilogue, China, The new silk road  2018 

Founded in 2009

3 place Albert Camus, BP 10223
44202, Nantes

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Edgar Martins, Jean-Claude Pondevie, Philippe Chancel

We wish to present in Paris Photo New York a selection of photographs of Philippe Chancel’s Datazone and some images from Jean Claude Pondevie and Edgar Martins’ new works. Genuine work in progress, the project Datazone was started in 2005 and focuses on news that are recurring or nearly invisible in media coverage. Over the years, Chancel has drawn a constellation of emblematic territories scattered on the map of the world. This saga has been shown in an unprecedented exhibition at the Rencontres d'Arles 2019.Among Philippe Chancel’s works, we will select some large sizes of Antarctica, Flint, North Korea and Meroe, and some diptych composed of small pictures of the series’s prologue and epilogue: Meroe and the remnants of a vanished civilization in Sudan, and China and the development of its future silk routes.Our proposal is based on chiaroscuro, the interaction of dark and light present in Datazone (especially in the prologue and the epilogue) to offer an experience of vision