Muhammad Ali surrounded by his fans after his Earls Court fight, London - 1966

Founded in 2011

51, rue saint-Louis-en-l'île
75004, Paris

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Anne Rearick, Guillaume  Zuili, James Barnor

The gallery, a first-time participant, will feature three exceptional bodies of work, including unique early pieces and rare enlarged silver prints on vintage papers. Born in Ghana in 1929, James Barnor experienced his country’s independence and the formation of a diaspora in London during the 1960s. Starting with traditional glass-plate portraits in Accra in 1948, he quickly moved on to photo essays and street photography – in color, too – creating memorable images. A major exhibition of his work will open at the Serpentine Gallery in London in June 2020. His work will be accompanied by that of two American photographers born in the 1960s. The alchemist-photographer Guillaume Zuili, who uses photographic chambers, pinhole cameras and other period devices, creates his pieces in his Los Angeles darkroom, developing them on vintage paper using Lith enlargement. Anne Rearick follows the great tradition of American documentary photography; her work features a more personal view of Idaho