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Chris Engman, Ken Gonzales-Day

In his series titled "Prospect and Refuge," Chris Engman creates photographs of elaborate site-specific installations that simultaneously depict two environments that represent the basic human needs of prospect (opportunity) and refuge (shelter). The "Ink on Paper" series" regards photographs themselves as an inherently false, mediated and distancing way to experience the world, taking the physical parts of photography as its subject: ink, paper, wall, and frame. Ken Gonzales-Day’s "Profiled" project includes depictions of the human form as found in sculpture and physical anthropology collections internationally from antiquity through the 20th century as a means to understand the emergence, idealization, and even folly of the concept of race, including whiteness. "Erased Lynchings" is an ongoing conceptual, photographic intervention that comments on the historical and systemic erasure of racial violence in America and the relationship of lynching to photography, spectacle and truth.