Adrien Tournachon, Portrait of Duchenne de Boulogne with Patient, 1856

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Amelia Bergner, André Kertész, Barbara Morgan, Betty Hahn, Charles Negre, Eva Watson-Schütze, Germaine Krull, Gustave Le Gray, Hans Bellmer, Helen Levitt, Hippolyte Bayard, Ilse Bing, Imogen Cunningham, Julia Margaret Cameron, Laure Albin-Guillot, Lisa Holden, Lisa Holden, Ludwig Belitski, Man Ray, Marsha Burns, Nancy Ford Cones, Robert Frank, Sabine Weiss, Lady Henrietta Mostyn, Bertha Jacques 

PHOTOGRAPHES FEMMES: An Artistic Survey of Women Artists

Contemporary Works/Vintage Works will be showing a number of important images by women artists, including early work by Julia M. Cameron and Amelia Bergner, among other 19th-century female pioneers. Important 20th-century images by top women artists will include vintage work by Imogen Cunningham, Ilse Bing, Barbara Morgan, Betty Hahn, Helen Levitt, Laure Albin-Guillot, Dorothy Norman, Laure Gilpin, Germaine Krull and Sabine Weiss. We also plan on showing masterworks of the 19th and 20th century, including a special focus on André Kertész, and French Photography. Early work from Hippolyte Bayard, Gustave Le Gray, Charles Nègre and J.B. Greene will be exhibited, along with 20th-century photographs from Robert Frank, Eugene Atget, Man Ray, Imogen Cunningham, Irving Penn, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai and Édouard Boubat.