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Bastiaan Woudt

Kahmann Gallery shows (solo) the progressive and pushing Dutch photographer Bastiaan Woudt. Kahmann Gallery has been a champion of Dutch photography from the past and present since the start of the gallery in 2005. For our proposal for Paris Photo New York 2020, Kahmann Gallery is putting the spotlight on one Dutch artist who is unencumbered by the so-called rules of photography.Bastiaan Woudt’s career has still only just begun, but he has already managed to create an impressive oeuvre filled with a variety of series and subjects, which are all tied together by his discernible style. Woudt is an artist whose work feels like an ode to photography itself, of someone utilises all that it has to offer and delves into the medium’s history to fuel his utterly contemporary works. We can only be excited about the prospect of seeing to which heights Woudt will take photography in the future. We present Bastiaan Woudt, an emerging photographer who is exploring the photographic medium at full str