Joel Sternfeld, New York City (Rush Hour - First Pictures series), 1976, 12’ x 15’, Epson print, courtesy Xippas Gallery and Joel Sternfeld


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Joel Sternfeld, Philippe Ramette 

Joel Sternfeld: Color Interaction and Photography

Joel Sternfeld (b.1944) began working with a 35mm camera in the late 60s. The resulting pictures were published by Steidl in First Pictures (2011). In 1987, his legendary American Prospects series was first published. Using an 8’x10’ large format camera, Sternfeld was able to forge a new vision which presented the contingencies of human and natural events in a form reminiscent of narrative tableaux containing intimate details. Although some aspects of his First Pictures (such as street photography) were left behind, there remains clear continuities with American Prospects. One the most important lies in the importance of Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color (1963) theories which carry a great influence on his work.

Philippe Ramette (b.1961) will present pictures characteristic of his surrealist work, in which a man is portrayed defying gravity, within impressive urban scapes.