Milagros  de la Torre, Under the Black Sun, 1992, Photography, Variable dimensions, Milagros de la Torre, courtesy Rolf Art

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Jose Alejandro Restrepo, Marcelo  Bordsky, Milagros de la Torre

In the contemporary world, artists do not often utilize PH as a media to produce an image, instead they use the image as an instance in which to deconstruct the photographic language. The selected artists are recognized within the Latin American PH tradition, but where their defining commitment to social reality can't be reduced to the documentary reportage.Instead, they are able to reinvent and strengthen their approach to ph by investigating the multiple layers of its own language. These artists look forward to the quest of a new image, which through their tensions and ambiguities, appeals to the senses the viewer, relying on aisthēsis as a mean of transforming the ways in which we perceive and inhabit the reality (and the images) that surround us. If their art is political, it becomes so by the materials and methods chosen, cause it is presented as a decision making place, as a mise en scène of subjective alternatives, able to defy predictable modes that conform our daily affections