Celso Brandão, "Papangu", Carnival, Bezerros, PE, Brazil, 1999, Vintage gelatin silver print, 10 1/8 x 8 3/8 in, Celso Brandão / Courtesy of Utópica.

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Adenor Gondim, Alice Kanji, André Cunha, Arnaldo Florence, Barbara Mors, Celso Brandão, Dulce Carneiro, German Lorca, Luiz Carlos Felizardo

The invisible (wo)men

Only few Brazilian photographers appear to the interested public, the great majority remaining unseen and unkwon outside of Brazil. Our deep and ongoing research makes it possible for Utópica to present works by important artists which are rarely, if ever seen by a broader international audience. Like the southern Brazilian landscapes and subtle North-american views taken by Luiz Carlos Felizardo, recognized for the excellence and rigor of his work, which will be highlighted this year. A focus will also be given to the work of women photographers who were active in the Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante, in São Paulo, Dulce Carneiro, Alice Kanji and Barbara Mors. The strength and influence of the African diaspora in Brazilian cultural manifestations will be shown through photographs of two veterans with vast bodies of work, Adenor Gondim, from Salvador, and Celso Brandão, from Maceió. German Lorca will be on view with his iconic images from the 50s/60s, our most noteworthy, now visible, man.