Founded in 2010

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Marco Maria Zanin



IMarco Maria Zanin’s photographs reflect the simplicity and silence of a bygone age. Bluring the line between poetry, painting, and sculpture, Zanin posits everyday, ordinary working tools via the single photographic frame into the realm of the readymade. His ode to the rural world, described in shades of light and dark, is one of enigmatic beauty challenging the passing of time. Paying homage to the history and tradition of a vanishing artisanal practise, in Ferite/feritoie (2017), Zanin collected several hand planes used in carpentery and, through the act of cutting and sectioning them off, highlights the clash between past and present. In doing so, he both references the decades of use that gradually weared the instrument down while awakening innate and original memories through the quick and precise cut of his contemporaneous revisioning.