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Antoni Miralda, Leandro Katz, Luis Molina-Patin, Marcelo Brodsky, Yeni y Nan

For Paris Photo New York 2020, Henrique Faria Fine Art will present a selection of historic works from the duo Yeni & Nan, Leandro Katz, Miralda, and Marcelo Brodsky with contemporary prints by Luis Molina-Pantin. Yeni & Nan’s Symbolismo de la cristalización – Araya (1984-86/2010) features the artists in the Araya salt flat in Venezuela and shows how they used their bodies as the primary tool for their investigations of nature’s essential elements. Leandro Katz’s Catherwood Project (1985-1995) retraces the 1841 and 1843 expeditions of Frederick Catherwood and John Stevens through the ancient territories of the Maya Civilization. Brodsky’s photographs, Autoretrato fusilado (1979) and Comienzo (1982), refer to the artist’s self-imposed exile from his native Argentina during the military dictatorship and the disappearance of his brother. Molina-Pantin’s indexical works probe contemporary popular and material culture, showing the connection between the social, aesthetic and material.