Gilbert Garcin, La vie est belle (Life is beautiful), 2006, gelatin silver print, 16 x 12 inches, Gilbert Garcin.

Founded in 1985

210 E Catalina Drive
85012, Phoenix
United States

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Gilbert Garcin

Gilbert Garcin: Existence is Elsewhere

One-person exhibition: "Gilbert Garcin: Existence is Elsewhere". Playing the Chaplinesque central role in many of his photographs—a bemused, trenchcoated Frenchman in his 90’s—Garcin navigates metaphors for human vanity, complacency, and credulity in the form of actual obstacles represented by oversize objects from everyday life. Black and white and droll and unfussy, his dreamlike optical fables sometimes appear to be digitally-altered wonders, but in fact they are the result of Garcin placing small photo cutouts in handmade sets as simple as they are ingenious. Garcin’s remarkable talent is to weave wry existential spells of cardboard and string, bits of sand and sticks, and light and shadow. Garcin’s photographs are reflective of all humanity, of our common tendency to think of ourselves as always in the foreground, and, despite all evidence to the contrary, to remain only fleetingly aware of the vast abyss beyond the frame.