Yael Burstein, Kitchen, 2007, Collage, 129 x 162 cm, ed of 5, Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Charlot

Founded in 2010

47 rue Charlot
75003 Paris, France
Kikar Kedumim 14
Tel Aviv/Yafo, Israel






Yael Burstein

Yael Burstein creates a unique universe through photographic collage in which natural elements question our perception of shapes, space and its mineral matter within our environment. It is in this dynamic oscillating between immersive works and photographs that we imagine the booth. A feeling shared between natural elements, our perception of space and the almost "shamanic" spirits that flow from it. The sobriety of black and white with some touches of colour such as "pop up" windows of our memory would allow the visitor to immerse himself in a lunar universe. A soft and directive light on the works, anthracite grey and white walls, a velum to keep this feeling of entering a peaceful space is the vision we would like to propose you.