Founded in 1996

36 rue Falguière
75015, Paris

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Maia Flore, Xavier Dauny

The gallery, created in Paris in 1996, has successfully participated in Paris Photo since its first edition. As a historic member of Aipad we are very excited to candidate for this 1st edition of Paris Photo NY with a selection of our European artists. French artist Maia Flore Maia Flore explores the relationship between body and space,her photographs are artistic performances with added interventions on the print through collage and mixed media. Xavier Dauny's serial work in stunning black and white prints echoes the New Topographic approach, with an exploration on how the landscape is shaped by man in the French countryside. In Chervine Solitude series, the French-Iranian photographer brings to light loneliness in NY City, using chiaroscuro to dramatizes the scene with a cinematographic mood. We will show a selection of the Spanish duo Albarrán Cabrera recent works, who give a poetic look at the world and experiment with subtle and precious alternative printing processes