Bill Jacobson - When Is A Place (#117), 2018

Founded in 2004

Linienstrasse 107
10115, Berlin

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Bill Jacobson, Janelle Lynch

Contemporary Landscape

My point of departure for looking into landscape is to consider nothing to be insigni- ficant, and to see in a landscape, in a point of space, in a moment of life, or in a slight change of light, the possibility of a new perception!« (Luigi Ghirri) As Ghirri put it, looking at a landscape picture, a representation of the world, allows for the possibility of a renewed perception and a re-defintion of self. The gallery’s curatorial concept brings together two photographers whose different approaches to the topic of »Landscape« have given them distinguished positions in contemporary photography. Bill Jacobson "When is a Place" (2018) Janelle Lynch "Another way of looking at love" (2015-2018)