Chloe Rosser, Function 1, 8

Founded in 2014

190 Orchard St.
New York , NY 1002

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Chloe Rosser & Edouard Taufenbach

Chloe Rosser & Edouard Taufenbach  

In this two-person exhibition, Chloe Rosser's and Edouard Taufenbach's photography challenges how we look at the human body based on our own assumptions of race, gender, age, and sexuality. Inside the booth will be British photographer's Chloe Rosser’s Form and Function series. The work explores transforming the human body into an unfamiliar sculpture without identifying features and the relationships between the figures, studying their intimate interactions as they support and rely on each other in these poses. French photographer Edouard Taufenbach's series Speculaire will be shown on the outside wall. Taufenbach's reconstructed vernacular images from the collection of Sebastion Lifshitz’s international archive of LGBTQ life. Slicing and splicing, collaging, and sequencing imagery, Taufenbach animates the original objects, simultaneously multiplying viewpoint and blurring perspective.Providing anonymous evidence of queer history and the complexities of gender identity and desire.