Ole Marius Joergensen, Slow Night, 2018

Founded in 2007

Munkedamsveien 15
Oslo, Norway
[email protected]

AIPAD member




Ole Marius Joergensen

Ole Marius Joergensen is best known for his meticulously staged cinematic photographs. With the use of theatrical light and vivid color juxtapositions, Ole Marius’ work emphasizes the mystery and duality of rural life in the modern world.

A child of 80s rural Norway, he became fascinated with suburban America, like the popular narratives told on screen by Steven Spielberg and the storytelling of author Stephen King. Drawn to the descriptive narrative and quality of light, he found himself wanting to create his own stories.

Influenced by the work of the mid century painter Hopper and the directors Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, as well as 19th Century painting traditions of David Caspar Frederic, his work often depicts ordinary situations infused with a unique narrative that unlocks an unexpected mystery that feels both old and new.

The majority of Ole Marius work is shot in the sparsely populated areas of the northern regions of Norway and his artist studio in Asker.

Finding the red is a direct acknowledgment to the influences that have endured since the artist was a young boy. These images are constructs of childhood memories, from family and friends to directors and artists who have inspired him, and are now represented subtly – or prominently – in his works. Intertwined within in each work is a soft ode to American cinema demonstrated by the influence of Hitchcock and the gentle work of artist Edward Hopper, which are a constant hum in the ear of the artist who is enamored with mid century American landscapes.