Bart Julius Peters, Red Forest, Maadi, 2019 

Founded in 2015

130 rue Lafayette
75010, Paris

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Bart Julius Peters,Clarence H. White, Frederick H. Evans, Hamid  Sardar, Heinrich Kuhn, Helmut Newton, John B. Greene, Josef Sudek,Man Ray, Minor White, Takeshi Shikama, William Eggleston, François Fontaine, Laurent Gudin

Artists, painters and photographers, have often looked to nature to comprehend the physical limits and complex interplay of light and dark, hope and despair. Photographers capture more than an instant of luminescence, they use light to create emotion, concoct a visual chalice of feeling and form, always reaching for ultimate perfection in storytelling or the simple transcription of natural beauty, distilling meaning beyond their own mortal eyes. Their works, even their studies, are informed, and summon questions. These human testimonies, spiritual fragments of a deeply unconscious animistic yearning, are like a scattered inventory of our planet's beauty. Man's search for the garden of Eden, his desire to reconnect with the unruly innocence of the primal forest, in search of a new beginning, often translates into the construction of his own colonialized wilderness. The act of creation prolongs the initial pleasure and feeling of elevation experienced amid these constructed Edens.