Founded in 2019

13 galerie Vivienne
75002 Paris France





Feng Li

We are presenting a solo show of Chinese photographer Feng Li's "White night" ongoing series he has been conducted since 2005.In this series, Feng Li catches details of ordinary scenes into strange objects and situations to reveal with humour the uncanny that lies underneath. The spectacle of China today, vast surrealist site where a hypertrophied version of modernity is played every day in cities and the countryside, offers indeed an inexhaustible matter to a ranger like him. In China, the nights are not really black, the LEDs twinkle, the karaoke blink, the light of the shipyards persists until dawn imposes to all a permanent twilight. In this intermediate dimension, the unusual characters abound and it is this spectral universe that Feng Li captures in the whiteness of the flash.His photos are all fortuitous encounters with the unlikely cast of reality.